Evernote to hire Indian marketing firm to explore business in India

Evernote to hire Indian marketing firm to explore business in India

By | December 9th, 2012
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Evernote, the popular note taking app available for all mobile and desktop

platforms has announced that it will be hiring an Indian marketing firm to

explore business opportunities on Indian shores.


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The popular note taking app developer from USA, called Evernote is hiring an Indian firm for expanding its operations in India. According to quotes in recent reports Troy Malone, GM of Asia Pacific operations at Evernote says the company will be opening its offices on Indian shores on January 1. However, the firm later retracted the statement by saying it will actually be hiring a local marketing firm to help it with market development based out of Noida. Eventually, it may start support operations natively in the country, but as of now they are only looking to gauge the enormous potential that India holds in terms of business opportunities.

Evernote has been recently expanding its business operations in Asian countries like Taiwan and China in the past year by establishing local offices, striking deals with mobile operators and launching localized services. It seems only a natural choice for it to start focusing on India next. As told to The Times of India, the company currently has around 700,000 users in the country, which are increasing at the rate of 1600 registrations daily. It is also in talks with the local telecom operators and phone makers to integrate the app with their products in India.

The app has a premium offering along with the free one, which offers add-on features available to synchronize notes and enables seamless note-taking across all platforms like Mac, PC, Android and iOS devices in a subscription like model. Evernote has also started focusing on its enterprise users with an offering called Evernote Business, which will be aimed at companies and large organizations for collaborative work to compete against offerings like Google Docs. This particular product retails at $10 per user in USA and is expected to be available in India soon.

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