Dart SDK and Editor released as beta

Dart SDK and Editor released as beta

By | June 21st, 2013
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Google's Dart SDK and Editor just hit the beta release, with great

performance improvements and newer additions to features like better code

completion etc.


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The Dart SDK and Editor just graduated to beta status today. The latest announcement brings with it some of the latest performance improvements and produces much better javascript code. The chromium blog goes on to say that this release produces at least 3.7x smaller javascript code. The latest release of Dart VM is also more than 40 percent faster than the M4 release in the DeltaBlue benchmark. The analysis engine the Dart SDK and Editor is almost 20 percent faster. The Editor also has a lot of other code completion enhancements, which is now camel case aware when it provides suggestions. Dartium, the special version of chrome which is used to run Dart webapps has a couple of improvements, including lesser crashes and better performance with webGL.

While Dart is certainly something which hasn’t seen too much action on other browser platforms. Even the Chrome browser itself is not yet bundled with Dart VM, though which is not a very distant possibility. Among developers too, Dart hasn’t caught on very well besides the people working close to Google’s tools and Google developers.

But it is clear that Dart certainly cannot be ruled out as it is shaping up pretty well, with Google making swift advances in its development. For more information, the detailed release notes for this beta release of dart can be found here.

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