DARPA Funds Development of New Type of Processor

DARPA Funds Development of New Type of Processor

By | June 19th, 2017
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A completely new kind of non-von-Neumann processor called a HIVE —

Hierarchical Identify Verify Exploit — is being funded by the Defense

Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) to the tune of $80 million over

four-and-a-half years.


Chipmakers Intel and Qualcomm are participating in the project, along with a national laboratory, a university and a defense contractor North Grumman.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Richland, Washington) and Georgia Tech are involved in creating software tools for the processor while Northrup Grumman will build a Baltimore center that uncovers and transfers the Defense Departments graph analytic needs for the what is being called the world’s first graph analytic processor (GAP).

“When we look at computer architectures today, they use the same [John] von Neumann architecture invented in the 1940s. CPUs and GPUs have gone parallel, but each core is still a von Neumann processor,” Trung Tran, a program manager in DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office (MTO), told EE Times in an exclusive interview.

“HIVE is not von Neumann because of the sparseness of its data and its ability to simultaneously perform different processes on different areas of memory simultaneously,” Trung said.

Nisheeth Bhakuni