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Creating the Web

By | December 26th, 2012
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Paul Burnett, APAC Evangelist, Adobe Systems discusses all about Create the

Web world tour and new web tools announced under the Edge Suite including

Edge Animate, Code and more...


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Could you tell us a bit about your trip to India?

These are exciting times, and there have been several announcements in the web space. The purpose of this tour that we’re doing around the globe is to announce the Edge tools and services. You’d be aware of some of those tools by their beta form. What has happened now is that we’ve done a 1.0 release of some of these tools. We’ve also announced and made available some other tools.

We’ve also spoken to a lot of designers and developers while building these tools. Their preference was towards smaller utility tools that performed a task and one that performed it really well, rather than have one big bloated application. Because it’s all web content (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) you can easily take your content from one tool to another quite easily.

It doesn’t matter what workflow or set of tools you’re using currently. Every single one of that tool will sit into your workflow. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using our software (Adobe) or someone else’s software currently to develop, the tools we’ve developed fit into that workflow and enhance the workflow. The response we’ve got from developers has been pretty awesome.

What is unique about the animation tool?

While we had Adobe Edge as a tool to handle animation, we now use the name Edge for the whole suite of tools we’ve announced. So while Edge Animate would be flagship tool of the Edge family, I think its potential is huge. Although it’s just a 1.0 product and would go a long way, considering the possibilities its users would adapt it for, I think the sky is the limit. I think we’re going to see some amazing stuff.

Imagine the kind of interactivity you had with Flash that was delivered via a browser. For example, advertisements and campaigns for a car with interactivity, could all be delivered using Edge, but it’s all web standards using HTML and CSS.

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