BlackBerry 10 SDK Goes “Gold”

BlackBerry 10 SDK Goes “Gold”

By | December 13th, 2012
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For those looking forward to developing for the BlackBerry 10 there is good



For those looking forward to developing for the BlackBerry 10 there is good news. The SDK for BlackBerry 10 has reached its “Gold” stage, which means you can download the final versions of the toolkit and components for the platform and can target a finalized API. As those who have been following the developments in the BlackBerry world will know, the SDK will support a number of different routes of development. For those who prefer to develop native for the hardware, there is an option to use C/C++ along with the Qt toolkit. This also includes BlackBerry Cascases, which is a UI framework for Qt that allows separation of application logic code from UI code. For example, here is some QML code using Cascades for creating a button that rotates when clicked:

import bb.cascades 1.0 Page { content: Button { id: rotatingButton text: "My Rotating Button" animations: [ RotateTransition { id: rotButton toAngleZ: 360 duration: 350 } ] onClicked: {; } } } 

For web developers, BlackBerry 10 also supports developing using HTML5. The WebWorks platform allows you to directly access native system features in applications written using web languages. This makes it unnecessary to use something like Apache Cordova, as web apps can directly be packaged for BlackBerry 10. There is also the option to use Adobe AIR for building applications for BlackBerry 10. This allows you to build BlackBerry applications using Flex or Flash Professional. For Android developers, there is a direct route to BlackBerry 10, since it includes an Android runtime. Android applications just need to be repackaged for BlackBerry 10 rather then being completely rewritten for the new platform. If you are interested in developing for BlackBerry, you can get started at the BlackBerry developer site, from where you can

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download the SDKs for the language / platform of your choice.

“We have been actively engaged with developers from around the world for many months and as we near the final weeks toward the launch of BlackBerry 10, the growing dedication and commitment we see from our developer community is truly outstanding,” said Alec Saunders, Vice President, Developer Relations and Ecosystems at Research In Motion. “The focus we have had on building a true developer ecosystem and community is clearly working.””
“We are seeing continued excitement for the BlackBerry 10 platform from leading brands across the globe. Partners want the recognition and advantage of being first-to-market on this exciting new platform,” said Martyn Mallick, Vice President, Global Alliances and Business Development at Research In Motion. “Developers see that BlackBerry 10 is designed to make it very easy to create compelling customer experiences that can lead to high adoption and engagement.””

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