BlackBerry 10 “can be” licenced

BlackBerry 10 “can be” licenced

By | August 15th, 2012
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Research in Motion, the struggling Canadian telecommunications company has

been in the news in recent months owing to instability in this outlook. It

is now being reported that RIM is open to licencing its latest smartphone

operating system to other manufacturers.


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After reports that RIM would be cutting 5000 jobs, and also pushing ahead the release of its latest BlackBerry 10 operating system, there’s more news from the struggling Canadian telecommunications company. RIM has hinted of its willingness to licence its latest mobile operating system.

In an interview to Bloomberg, RIM CEO Thorstein Heins said the product was in its final stages of testing and the company was considering how other companies could use the operating system in their products.

While QNX, the underlying real-time operating system in BB10 has been successful in critical industries such as automobiles and nuclear reactors, RIM is now pondering over that option for BB10. Earlier this year, Research in Motion had announced its BlackBerry10 operating system and was regarded as its last attempt to make a comeback against Apple and Google in the highly competitive smartphone market.

Some analysts also believe it might be a bit too late for RIM. In a quote to the Guardian, Kevin Tofel added, “RIM has lost valuable time and sales momentum to Google Android and Apple iOS devices for the past several years. Simply put, a pretty demo does not a comeback make.”

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