Apple rushing through reviews of apps for iPhone 5

Apple rushing through reviews of apps for iPhone 5

By | September 21st, 2012
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The larger screen in iPhone 5 and the new iOS 6 operating system has

prompted apple and other third party developers to get their apps updated

and approved as soon as possible, developers are seeing approvals within a

few hours.


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Ever since iOS 6 was released to the public, Apple has been going on an app approval spree lately. In an attempt to get as many apps populated on time in the app store as possible, it has been going full throttle on its review system. Reports by The Next Web suggest that some developers are even getting their apps reviewed in a matter of a few hours, while the whole process used to take almost a whole week to get through earlier. Although the company has posted record sales for iPhone 5 this time and has said that they are “overwhelmed by the response”, they have been getting lukewarm reviews due to lack of any major new features and surprise elements in the new phone. The company has also been facing a lot of backlash over the quality of the new maps in the maps application bundled with iOS 6, which are obviously much less detailed than Google Maps. Apple recently announced that the newly released iPhone 5 will require app developers to update their applications to take advantage of its bigger screen, until when the older versions of the apps will be presented in a “letter box” or black bars around the screen to compensate for the additional screen space. It is feared that this letterboxing might prompt users to post poor reviews and ratings on the app store. This has started a mad rush among developers to update their applications. Some developers have suggested that they are going to have to rethink the

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whole interface of their app again in order to take advantage of the expanded screen, this might specially be true in case of apps that have a complex interface, where having a longer screen might affect the reachability of some elements on the screen. Hopefully, the new screen will see developers coming up with interesting additions to their apps in the long run.

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