Apple releases iOS 7 at WWDC

Apple releases iOS 7 at WWDC

By | June 11th, 2013
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Apple just announced the latest release of their mobile operating system at

their WWDC in the form of iOS 7 which is expected to hit iPhone, iPad and

similar devices soon this year.


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On the first day of its WWDC, Apple has announced the release of its latest iteration of iOS. The newest release i.e. iOS 7, has been designed with a whole new interface in mind and has been seen as the biggest change since it was first released. This not only means that there are a lot of changes and features for the consumer, it also means that there are a lot of goodies for the developers too. Of course, following this announcement, the iOS developers will have to redesign their application while keeping the newest changes in mind.

The most appealing aspect of iOS 7 is definitely touted to be the flat and simplistic design that the general UI elements are presented in. Some other noticeable features include a “Control Center” which could resemble the notification bar in Android, where you can toggle quick settings. There is an enhanced notification center, which shows you everything related to weather, calendar and app notifications. Multitasking is something else that has been given a huge uplift and has been made much smarter and better. Among others are features like a new radio service, AirDrop sharing. The App Store has also seen a few updates including features which shows nearby apps and automatic updation of all apps.

Since the guidelines for developers have already been released, it is understood that app developers are expected to start working on re-designing their apps for integration with the newest features. The transparent status bar and navigation bar are some of the main UI elements which will need to be considered while designing your app. Some of the main thematic elements which are constant throughout the new OS are Dynamic Type, Auto Layout and an outlook towards depth to indicate hierarchy of UI elements. This means a more polished layout which matches the overall theme of the operating system with translucent windows, edge-to-edge layout of every application and a little more simplistic design. You can click here to go to the detailed design guide published by Apple. For more consumer oriented features, go here.

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