Apple blocks devs from updating screenshots till update

Apple blocks devs from updating screenshots till update

By | January 12th, 2013
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In order to combat excessive bait and switch scammers trying to promote

their apps by posting fake screenshots immediately after their apps are

approved for the App Store, Apple has now stopped allowing developers from

updating the screenshots until a legitimate binary update is posted

accompanying them.


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In an attempt to stop fraud apps from mimicking the original ones, Apple has now blocked app developers from changing the screenshots of their apps at their own disposal. Developers will now only be allowed to update the screenshots when they have a legitimate binary software update to go with it. This change has been made after taking cognizance of the fact that some over-smart developers were changing the screenshots of their apps immediately after their apps were approved for release on the Apple App Store. These changed screenshots were supposedly being copied from popular apps to fool users into believing that they were downloading something that was actually not present in the app.

This bait and switch scam has often been popular among scammers before and has always been the cause of a majority of complaints. This particular rule is bound to cause a minor irritation to legitimate developers, but one has to pay a small price for security when such incidents start happening in excess.

In comparison to this, it is quite interesting to see how the Google Play Store is doing, which doesn’t even have a definite approval process and anyone can publish anything as long as they pay the developer fee to Google. This strategy has turned out a pretty good bet for Android, where the number of apps has skyrocketed very quickly. Although malware is a little more prevalent than it should be.

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