Android defeats all others in South-east Asia market survey

Android defeats all others in South-east Asia market survey

By | September 6th, 2012
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A survey conducted by Ericsson ConsumerLab finds Android to be the leading

smartphone operating system this year.


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An Ericsson Consumer Lab survey suggested that Android is on the forefront of the mobile OS usage in Southeast Asian countries as well as the Asia Pacific region. The survey also suggested that text messaging was the most important activity for many users followed by Internet browsing and then email. The obvious lead in these markets is of low cost prepaid smartphones. With Apple and even Microsoft reluctant to enter such a low cost segment, Android is the only smartphone platform, that the consumers are looking forward to in these regions. Although, Blackberry and even Symbian, still have a noticeable pie.

According to The Next Web, a solid 31 percent of smartphones were found to be running Android. Apple’s iOS had about 19 percent of the market with BlackBerry and Symbian, following them. Windows Phone, however, was the under performer, which besides the hype, managed to gather less than 9 percent of the market share in each country. One country that stood out from the others was Singapore, where a whopping 46 percent of consumers were using iOS, ahead of Android which was only 29 percent. Another interesting statistic gathered out of the report was the fact that Nokia’s Symbian OS was still leading in Vietnam with almost 26 percent of the share, with Android and iOS both lagging behind at 21 percent each. Indonesia was significant for RIM as BlackBerry led there with 27 percent and Symbian following with almost 20 percent.

However, with Nokia and many other Windows Phone 8 devices releasing in the market soon, and BlackBerry pushing for its BB10 OS, market share for these is definitely expected to increase. If that doesn’t happen, they might have some serious thinking to do about their future plans.

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