Adobe launches Creative Cloud with a cheap monthly subscription

Adobe launches Creative Cloud with a cheap monthly subscription

By | March 25th, 2013
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Adobe has launched Creative Cloud for Teams aimed at small and medium

businesses with a cheap subscription model.The promotional pricing has been

announced to be Rs. 2885 per month until April 30 and will be revised to

Rs. 4040 later. This product will allow users to install Creative Suite

desktop software like Photoshop, Lightroom etc., with additional features

including updates and cloud storage upto 100GB .


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Adobe recently started offering its Creative Cloud in India aiming at Small and Medium Businesses with a monthly subscription fee for an otherwise costly product. The membership based service provides access to top notch support and ability to download and install desktop applications like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Muse, Edge etc. This service will also enable users to avoid the headache of keeping their products updated to the latest version, as they will be automatically be released immediately as opposed to waiting for a long time in retail boxed versions.

The promotional pricing for the subscription has been kept at Rs. 2885 per month until April 30th of this year. The normal pricing will then later be revised to Rs. 4040 per month, which is a little costly as compared to $69.99 in the USA.

Creative Cloud has been one of the ground breaking products in the way Adobe distributes its software. It has been one of the most successful model, which has been consistently driving sales of products which were known to be very costly in their retail boxed form.

The Hindu quoted Umang Bedi, Managing Director for Adobe in South Asia, “Creative Cloud is a path-breaking service and globally its paid user base stood at 3.26 lakh by December last year. That apart, since it was launched in May 2012, the total users crossed 1 million including free subscription users.”

Additionally, a separate product called Adobe Creative Cloud for Individuals will also soon be available in the near future which will be focused on individuals and provide the same products in a similar subscription model. It will allow the user to store 20GB of data on the cloud as opposed to 100GB per user in the current offering of Creative Cloud for Teams.

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