Adobe gears up with Web dev push

Adobe gears up with Web dev push

By | October 1st, 2012
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The Adobe Edge set of design and animation tools embraces HTML5 to address

the modern web. The tools will be offered as part of the Edge Tools &

Services collection via the Adobe Creative Cloud online tools service.


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Adobe’s Create the Web event in San Francisco witnessed the landing of a suite of several tools and services for web designers and developers.

Awarding another nod to HTML5 and Web applications, Adobe is set to offer a set of design tools which will enable development of cutting-edge Web pages. The tools come from the Adobe Edge family, with Adobe in some cases placing existing, pre-released technologies to a general availability juncture.

According to Adobe, the tools address the graphically rich “modern Web” and foundational technologies, including HTML5, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript. Even though HTML5 is seen as a competitor to Adobe’s proprietary Flash rich Internet plug-in, the company has embraced it.

“[The announcement] is related to HTML5 meaning that all these tools and services that we’re talking about work with HTML5 as one of the modern technologies of the Web,” said Danny Winokur, vice president and general manager of product management in Adobe’s Digital Media business.

The tool set accommodates Edge Inspect 1.0, a tool for previewing and debugging Web content on mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones, along with Edge Animate 1.0, a motion and interaction design tool for animated content. Edge Animate which was formerly known as Adobe Edge Preview, is a full-fledged version of an HTML5 animation application that had been in Adobe Labs for the past 13 months.

Also, PhoneGap Build 1.0 is being presented as a service for packaging mobile applications built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Edge Code, a code editor based on the Brackets open source project, and Edge Reflow, a Web design tool that leverages CSS will be available in a preview mode.

Adobe typifies Reflow’s availability as a “sneak peak” preview. The company will make its previously available Edge Web Fonts, featuring a free library of open source fonts, and TypeKit, providing commercial fonts, part of Edge Tools & Services.

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