2012: An year of enterprise software

2012: An year of enterprise software

By | January 4th, 2013
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2012 was an active year, particularly from the standpoint of continued

consolidation in the enterprise software markets.


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We have entered in a new year. But before moving ahead, we should first look back and see what were the major highlights in enterprise software in 2012. From the standpoint of continued consolidation in the enterprise software markets, it can be said to be an active year.

Many popular trends continued their journey in acquisition activity and product directions, including cloud, mobile, social, Internet of things, and data analytics. Social business evolved in to a mature state and is at least very clear in categorical directions and the best areas of focus for businesses to see real benefits.

After SAP’s acquisition of SuccessFactors, the cloud wars that got started in late 2011, acquired momentum throughout 2012. All the major enterprise apps vendors are trying hard to leave their mark and gain functionality in cloud apps, beside defining platforms and infrastructure. In an answer to the the SAP/SuccessFactors deal, Oracle in early 2012 bidded for Taleo. IBM too joined the HCM race with the acquisition of Kenexa in August. HCM continues to be a blistering area for investment.

Once again another major cloud acquisition came from SAP. This was acquisition of cloud collaborative commerce vendor Ariba. It gave SAP, a full featured and mature cloud based acquirement, sourcing and contract management tools and the largest and oldest supplier network. The acquisition proved to be more valuable as Ariba’s executives added cloud expertise and credibility to the SAP management team.

Oracle expanded its cloud portfolio quite a bit by giving attention on customer experience. Started in late 2011 with the acquisition of RightNow, the Oracle Cloud CX suite added social marketing platform Vitrue, socialytics platform Collective Intellect, social media management platform Involver and at last the recently announced acquisition of marketing automation vendor Eloqua. Blended with other cloud assets in commerce, sales (Fusion CRM), content, etc., the suite aims to leave wide footprint.

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