Radar wants to ‘solve’ location for app developers

Radar wants to ‘solve’ location for app developers

March 6th, 2017
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New startup Radar has decided location is a long-overlooked problem and

requires a solution to unlock its full potential.


There are tried-and-trusted solutions for most developer problems today. For location, Radar’s CEO argues, there’s not been such a solution.

“We’re ten years into the smartphone era, but building products and services with location is still too hard. We’re building Radar to change this,” says Nick Patrick, CEO and co-founder of Radar. “Radar is the location platform for mobile apps. Our mission is to help companies collect, analyze, and act on location data.”

Patrick along with fellow co-founder Coby Berman,are former employees of Foursquare, so they’ve got some experience with the benefits and challenges of building location-based apps.

By integrating with the Radar SDK, developers can just get started with setting up geofences, tracking entry and exit events, and using the data to enhance the experience for users.

Radar launches officially today. A free tier is available for those looking to give the service a go, while a paid enterprise tier is priced based on usage and provides hands-on support.

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