Google Finance gets redesigned, finally dumps Adobe Flash

November 29th, 2017
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Google Finance now lives as a tab in Search, and some features are going



The new stock-tracking interface will primarily live in Google Search, where a new “Finance” tab should be popping up soon as a search type. The existing site will soon start redirecting to this interface, too.

Just like the current Google Finance, you’ll get stock prices, historical graphs, and news. A few Google Finance features aren’t making the cut, though, namely the portfolio features and the ability to download historical data. There is still a “my stocks” feature that lets you keep an eye on favorite stocks, but there will no longer be a page for your transaction history and current holdings.

With the new Finance redesign, it seems Google is at least slightly interested in its Finance section again. The company ends the blog post with “We hope to continue to improve this experience in the future” and a call for feedback at the “send feedback” link on the new Finance page.