How FaaS can create better experiences within your app

How FaaS can create better experiences within your app

March 6th, 2017
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Programming languages have slowly evolved from low-level code to frameworks

and higher-level languages such as SWIFT.


Function as a Service (FaaS) is a category of cloud computing services that provides a platform allowing customers to develop, run, and manage application functionalities without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an app.

Open source ushered in code sharing and greater levels of reuse, and the cloud has simplified a lot of the backend processes and infrastructure by enabling developers to outsource areas such as payment processing and build out a lot of the backend through services.

FaaS continues this trend by offering services that developers can plug into for off-the-shelf features on the front end. The idea is that many of the features that go into apps today are valuable but not necessarily original.By using FaaS for features that don’t require innovation, developers can build and release faster.

FaaS also improves app quality.When developers pull features from a FaaS provider, they improve their app quality by relying on a business that makes this feature their core product.

Velocity, focus, quality. All this makes FaaS a new acronym worth remembering if you’re a developer.

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