Enterprise Apps: Why You Should Build Them Like Consumer Apps…

Enterprise Apps: Why You Should Build Them Like Consumer Apps…

March 7th, 2016
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If the enterprise app solves a problem so thoroughly that the user goes to

the app first when faced with that problem, well, that is good user



The term “work-life balance” is losing its relevance. Work is becoming a fulfilling part of life rather than being just a means to pay the bills. So, it is only natural that people would want to access their work from outside office. What’s also natural is that there should be apps to encourage and empower this evolution of work. As a matter of fact, the global enterprise mobility market will be worth as much as $140 billion by 2020.

But there’s a problem. Although there are lots of apps being developed, nobody seems to care. Reports say that 80 percent of enterprise mobile apps are abandoned after their first use and 64% say they don’t use it because they don’t like the user experience.

Look at all those cool consumer apps

Most enterprise app developers seem to be in a bubble where it is okay to make apps like web pages. You need to get through several screens to get to the desired task. They focus only on the backend somehow getting all the essential functionality out while forgetting that they are crafting software for making people’s lives easier.

Consumer apps, on the other hand, have raised the user experience bar to a whole other level. They not only look good, but they’re also simple and down-to-earth. They’ll talk to you, show you around the app and sometimes try to be smart and fail. They’ll give you trophies just for using them, they’ll want you to introduce them to your friends and ask what’s wrong when you haven’t used them in a while. And all this is on top of a great design combined with tight engineering that lets you make the most efficient use of the app.

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