Cutting-edge trends in Modern App Development you can’t miss

Cutting-edge trends in Modern App Development you can’t miss

February 27th, 2017
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We are well into 2017, and it is high time to take stock of the trends

that have come and gone.


To be up to date, check out an outlook of about five app development trends you should not miss, as created by mobile app development company The App Solutions.

1. More IoT apps

The IoT industry is expanding rapidly and will connect more than 4 billion people, with an opportunity for US$4 trillion revenue by 2020. It will effect a major shift both in hardware and software connected devices.The core idea behind this trend is not just collecting information, but also provide an information analysis users can rely on while making decisions.

2. Android before iOS

In 2017 Android has all chances to become a priority platform. Already now Google Play has twice more downloads than iOS App Store.The main reason for this tendency is growing markets of India, China, and Latin America, where smartphones that run on Android prevail.

3. More UX, less art

The success of a mobile app is defined by the thoughtful user experience. Graphic designers will develop UX into an art form. In this way, app owners can help users navigate through the app to the target action.

4. Security is more important than ever before

Smartphones have plenty of options for user verification like face recognition,voice recognition, fingerprints, SMS codes, and phone calls verification. The whole app security architecture should be carefully checked and improved.

5. Cross-platform apps

Cross-platform apps gain more attention and this becomes another trend that shapes the nearest future. App development customers want to get their apps in the short term and with reasonable price, and frameworks like AngularJS or Cordova are perfect for that.

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