AccuWeather iOS App Updated

AccuWeather iOS App Updated

August 25th, 2017
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This update to address issues surrounding the Reveal Mobile SDK, which has

now been removed.


AccuWeather’s app employed a Software Development Kit (SDK) from a third party vendor (Reveal Mobile) that inadvertently allowed Wi-Fi router data to be transmitted to this third-party vendor. Once we became aware of this situation we took immediate action to verify the operation and quickly disabled the SDK from the IOS app. Our next step was to update the IOS app and remove Reveal Mobile completely.

At no time was this data accessed or used by AccuWeather and we have received assurances from the vendor that the same is true for them. AccuWeather takes our customers’ privacy seriously and is committed to maintaining the highest level of compliance and protection.

AccuWeather continues to update its practices, communications and ULAs to be transparent and current with evolving standards. AccuWeather also continues to enhance methods for handling data and strives to provide superior, seamless, and secure user experiences. We are grateful to have a supportive community that highlights areas where we can optimize and increase transparency.