WebRTC live video JavaScript API now avaliable

WebRTC live video JavaScript API now avaliable

By | October 30th, 2017
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TokBox has announced that the version of its OpenTok Platform for WebRTC

that supports Safari 11 browser will roll out of beta and be available to

all developers upon iOS general availability later this month.


With the June 2017 release of the OpenTok.js client-side library, TokBox made it possible for customers and developers to prepare their live video applications for Safari compatibility in anticipation of general availability. TokBox’s support for Safari enables developers to create web apps that let users experience the power of real-time communications and live video.

“Our beta period proved very successful. With WebRTC available on Safari, developers can be confident that nearly all of their target users can seamlessly participate in live video without having to download a plug-in, pre-install an app, or switch to a different browser,” Lomond added.

OpenTok supports developers with powerful APIs and a global cloud infrastructure. OpenTok has powered streaming of WebRTC live video in over 35,000 applications since 2013 at companies, including live.ly, Major League Baseball, Esurance, Royal Bank of Scotland, Valspar, Bridgestone Golf, and Double Robotics.


Nisheeth Bhakuni