The sudden rise of the headless AI

The sudden rise of the headless AI

By | April 21st, 2017
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Many experiences, apps, sites, and products are going to be replaced with



Bots are eating the world. Whether you are an enterprising app developer building the essential software to bring a virtual Taylor Swift into your Slack chats, or just lonely and in need of a dumb, annoying virtual friend to message you on Facebook.

While this is indeed an important step forward in human-computer interaction, it is truly just one small part of what AI is about — and not the part that will matter the most for the enterprise companies that actually buy almost $4 trillion in software and services each year.

Headless AI is the application of artificial intelligence to vastly improve internal business processes.

Legacy software has become a commodity in all of these areas, and purpose-built AI solutions will get a larger and larger wallet share of these huge enterprise cost centers.

Headless AI combines machine intelligence and learning loops to constantly evolve. Because these solutions plug into the data lifeblood of a company, they become incredibly valuable as the algorithms adapt to the patterns that work.

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Nisheeth Bhakuni