Freemium app model remains best option for developers

Freemium app model remains best option for developers

By | October 23rd, 2017
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More than 60% of app developers recommend a “freemium” model for

monetizing a mobile app, according to a new survey.


With the “freemium” model, an app is downloaded for free with the option of in-app purchases and upgrades, appealing to users’ desire to test an app before buying it. The new survey findings come from Clutch, a research and reviews platform for business services.

Along with expert recommendations for monetization strategies, Clutch found that the most successful mobile apps require a holistic approach that extends beyond development. Companies should focus on strategic internal planning, one signature feature, and a proactive marketing plan that expands their existing brand narrative.

This shows that social media may outperform in-app advertising for app marketing. Only 8% of developers surveyed recommend in-app advertising due to evolving best practices in user experience and shifting consumer preferences.

Some app development firms provide basic marketing support to clients. For example, Raizlabs, a Boston-based firm that has developed mobile apps for clients including Virgin and Six Flags, provides some marketing assistance.


Nisheeth Bhakuni