Apple Final Cut Pro X is ready to edit VR video

Apple Final Cut Pro X is ready to edit VR video

December 14th, 2017
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Apple isn't just making the iMac Pro available to order -- it's also

updating the creative software you'll likely run on that iMac. A new

upgrade to Final Cut Pro X adds support for both newer video technology and

some key color editing tools.


Most notably, the editing tool now handles VR video — you can edit 360-degree footage at high resolutions (8K “and beyond”), complete with motion graphics. And if you need to see how your work looks, you can preview it in real-time on an HTC Vive or other compatible headsets.

There’s plenty if you have no intention of producing a VR masterpiece. FCPX now allows editing two key HDR formats, Rec. 2020 HDR10 and Rec. 2020 Hybrid Log Gamma, and gives you both HDR-compatible scopes (to identify how bright your video will get) and HDR monitoring on external displays through an I/O device. And there’s now some advanced pro color grading tools built right into the app — you can fine-tune brightness, hue, luminance, saturation and white balance through an inspector.

You can edit HEVC and Cinema RAW Light video, import iMovie for iOS projects, create slow motion footage using the speedy Metal framework and fix audio using Logic Pro plugins. All told, FCPX appears to be much more ready for the realities of modern movie creation.