4 Challenges Artificial Intelligence must address

4 Challenges Artificial Intelligence must address

By | March 1st, 2017
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Major changes need to be made if AI will be put in charge of critical



Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will soon become an inherent part of everything we do in our daily lives.But the explosion of AI has highlighted the fact that while machines will plug some of the holes human-led efforts leave behind, they will bring disruptive changes and give rise to new problems that can challenge the economical, legal and ethical fabric of our societies.

Here are four issues that need Artificial Intelligence companies need to address as the technology evolves and invades even more domains.

1) Jobs

AI algorithms are threatening middle class jobs like never before. This AI revolution will create plenty of new data science, machine learning, engineering and IT job positions to develop and maintain the systems that will be running those AI algorithms. In order to prevent things from running out of control, the tech industry needs to adapt to the socio-economic landscape toward a future where robots will be occupying more jobs.

2) Bias

As has been proven on several accounts in the past years, AI can be just as — or even more — biased than humans. Machine Learning  depends on data to train and hone its algorithms.This is the reason why an AI-judged beauty contest ended up favoring white-sounding names, and advertising algorithms preferred to show high-paying job ads to male visitors.While for the moment much of the cases can be shrugged off as innocent mistakes, some major changes need to be made if AI will be put in charge of more critical tasks.

3) Responsibility

Before AI, it was relatively easy to determine who’s at fault. But in the era of AI-driven technologies, the lines are not as clearcut. This can become an issue when AI algorithms start making critical decisions.Therefore new regulations must be put in place to clearly predict and address legal issues that will surround AI in the near future.

4) Privacy

In the hunt for more and more data, companies may trek into uncharted territory and cross privacy boundaries.Unless companies using AI technology regulate their information collection and take necessary steps to anonymize and protect user data, they’ll end up causing more harm than good to users.

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Nisheeth Bhakuni