3 projects lighting a fire under machine learning

By | September 1st, 2017
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PyTorch, MXNet, and upstart Java-centric Smile bring greater speed and ease

to model training and deployment


PyTorch 0.2.0

Pythonistas have easily the biggest roster of machine learning libraries to choose from. PyTorch, a deep learning tensor library with GPU acceleration, provides yet another compelling option.

Apache MXNet 0.11.0

If TensorFlow is Google’s answer to deep learning, Apache MXNet is Amazon’s. The latest version of the MXNet framework, designed to work at massive scale, adds only a couple of new features. But both are intended to make MXNet useful to developers working to bring machine learning intelligence to user-facing products

Smile 1.4.0

The name is an acronym: Statistical Machine Intelligence and Learning Engine. Smile gives you a broad range of algorithms out of the box, ranging from simple functions like classification and regression to sophisticated offerings like natural language processing. And all you need is Java, or any JVM language.


Nisheeth Bhakuni