Leaping into the cloud to develop enterprise apps

Leaping into the cloud to develop enterprise apps

By | March 18th, 2017
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The rise of enterprise apps must be developed and tested in a secure

environment before being rolled out for general consumption


Regardless of the industry — financial services, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, government, or education — employees and, indeed, customers are growing less tolerant of manual, paper-based processes that slow them down.

This in part occurs because some organisations are already doing a very good job of digitising work processes, setting the bar higher for everyone else.

As a result, when organisations lag behind the benchmark, it’s a big disappointment to the growing community of customers, employees, and partners who live and work in a digital world.

With the push for digital transformation, both cloud computing and enterprise apps should really be on the rise. Customers are not just using cloud capacity for testing new apps, but also for testing changes or upgrades to existing ones. They’re able to test the change and then upgrade it in the cloud again without risking production systems.

If applied properly, the cloud can allow for faster application development, facilitating ‘Dev-Ops’ style collaboration, incorporating cloud-resident features with minimal coding, reducing development effort, and creating realistic distributed testing for application lifecycle management.


Nisheeth Bhakuni

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