​Samsung produces IoT-optimised Exynos i T200 processor
Samsung Electronics has begun production for its first Internet of Things-optimised Exynos processor. ...
By in iot | June 24th, 2017
The Internet Of Things Is Becoming More Difficult To Escape
It's already difficult to create distance from the technology that surrounds us, but as connectivity increases, it might become impossi...
By in iot | June 13th, 2017
Samsung has new ARTIK smart IoT platform products
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has announced new their new ARTIK Smart IoT platform products that will help companies get to market faste...
By in iot | June 10th, 2017
The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher makes enterprise mobility relevant
Appdome, a cloud hub for mobile app integration, has announced the expansion of its automated service for BlackBerry Dynamics to includ...
By in iot | June 10th, 2017
IFTTT releases platform for developers to build and publish applets
IFTTT is opening its platform to thousands of individual developers....
By in iot | June 10th, 2017
Automation, IoT and VR will improve sales and customer experiences
Retail, wholesale and manufacturing companies are turning to Internet of Things (IoT), Automation and Virtual Reality (VR) to drive sal...
By in iot | June 2nd, 2017
New developer kit helps secure IoT devices
The rapid growth in numbers of IoT devices has seen them become a favored attack route for cyber criminals. This has left companies loo...
By in iot | June 2nd, 2017
Belkin Wemo smart home devices will soon be compatible with Apple HomeKit and Siri
Belkin's Wemo smart home devices are absolutely brilliant. Not only does the company offer power outlet and light switch adapters, but ...
By in iot | June 2nd, 2017
Conexant and Amazon bring Alexa to Raspberry Pi with ‘AudioSmart 2-mic Development Kit’
Much of Amazon's success with Echo and Alexa is thanks to third-party developers and hardware....
By in iot | June 1st, 2017
Startup uses AI to create programs from simple screenshots
A new neural network being built by a Danish startup called UIzard Technologies IVS has created an application that can transform raw d...
By in iot | June 1st, 2017
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