Microsoft’s rumored CloudBook could be your next cheap computer

Microsoft’s rumored CloudBook could be your next cheap computer

By | April 20th, 2017
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In a few weeks, at its education-oriented software and hardware event in

New York, Microsoft could unveil a sub-premium laptop — something more

robust than a Surface but not as fancy as a Surface Book.


Rather than run good old Windows 10, the new product could run something called Windows 10 Cloud, which reportedly will only be able to run apps that you can find in the Windows Store, unless you change a certain preference in Settings.

The idea is that this will keep your device more secure.However, that does mean you won’t be able to use certain apps that aren’t in the Store — like Steam — on a Windows 10 Cloud device, such as the rumored CloudBook.

Older Windows apps wouldn’t work on the thing.on the whole, Windows is looking fairly good right now. It feels like every week one or more new features is being tested on Insiders before becoming available to everyone.

With iOS and Chrome OS, the pace of development is currently slower. If Windows 10 Cloud follows the cadence of classic Windows 10 and gets broader adoption with the help of more enticing hardware at launch, then it could end up lasting longer than Windows RT (2012-2015), and the strategy will be vindicated


Nisheeth Bhakuni