Lawmaker calls on ISPs to stop customers being hit by viruses

Lawmaker calls on ISPs to stop customers being hit by viruses

By | May 2nd, 2017
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That might mean poking some new exceptions into privacy laws against

information sharing among government and businesses.


According to The Financial Review, Tehan told the British Australian Fintech Forum in London that “telcos and ISPs must take greater responsibility for ensuring their customers understand risks and said the government expects them to engage with the not-for-profit sector and SMEs – who may not have their own resources to establish protective measures – and offer them commercial products to identify and eradicate threats”.

Tehan’s government roles include assisting the prime minister on cybersecurity, so folks throughout Australia perked up when he said all this. However, it’s not clear if there’s an actual plan behind Tehan’s observations – or if there is, whether it will be backed by legal mandates.

If you’re looking for something a bit more solid, it might be this: Tehan also discussed the Australian government’s move towards a posture of “active defence,” in which it “aims to disrupt malicious cyber activity using measures, such as blocking or diverting malicious traffic, to prevent problems before they occur”.


Nisheeth Bhakuni

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