ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops will arrive this holiday
Hopefully Microsoft has learned its lesson from Windows RT....
By in tech | April 26th, 2017
Chrome casting tweak streams all videos directly to your TV
You no longer have to settle for poor quality when casting browser tabs....
By in android | April 26th, 2017
Samsung promises to fix Galaxy S8’s ‘red tint’ problem
A display issue is the last thing the company needs....
By in android | April 26th, 2017
Lawsuit takes aim at Google, Huawei over Nexus 6P battery issues
Big phone, big battery problems....
By in android | April 26th, 2017
Mozilla, Microsoft rebuilding their browsers’ foundations without anyone noticing
Browsers are getting quietly rebuilt around us....
By in open web | April 26th, 2017
Ad-Blocking Just Might Save the Ad Industry
That would be even more controversial than just selectively blocking ads, but it would also likely be the most effective way to pressur...
By in misc | April 26th, 2017
Apple appears to be interested in the satellite internet business
Key hires indicate a new push into space...
By in iOS | April 26th, 2017
Intel’s Optane Memory Makes Cheap Hard Drives as Fast as Expensive SSDs
Intel assured us that we’re going to start seeing a lot of Optane memory enabled desktops and laptops from computer makers later this...
By in tech | April 26th, 2017
Linux PC builder System76 plans to design, manufacture its own hardware
Starting in 2018 though, you may be able to buy a System76 computer that was designed and built in-house....
By in misc | April 26th, 2017
Windows bug used to spread Stuxnet remains world’s most exploited
Code-execution flaw is triggered by plugging a booby-trapped USB into vulnerable PCs....
By in misc | April 25th, 2017
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