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Mobile and IoT security gets a boost from new PN80T chipset

It is the Industry’s first 40nm Secure Element (SE) and is designed to ease development and implementation of an extended range of secure applications for any platform including smartphones, wearables, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

In iot | 07 Mar 2017
Google launches Android Studio 2.3

It comes up with feautures like Build Cache, WebP support, App Link Assistant, and more

In apps | 07 Mar 2017
Qualcomm updates its VR dev kit and launches accelerator

There’s a good chance Qualcomm already powers your smartphone, but the company wants to extend its mobile dominance to VR.

In apps | 07 Mar 2017
Radar wants to ‘solve’ location for app developers

New startup Radar has decided location is a long-overlooked problem and requires a solution to unlock its full potential.

In apps | 06 Mar 2017
Windows 10 Cloud offers Microsoft another shot at mobile

Microsoft will attempt to counter this with Windows 10 Cloud, but there’s little denying the company is entering the ring from a weaker position

In cloud | 06 Mar 2017
How FaaS can create better experiences within your app

Programming languages have slowly evolved from low-level code to frameworks and higher-level languages such as SWIFT.

In apps | 06 Mar 2017
Nintendo’s studios have ‘mastered’ the Unreal engine for Switch

Nintendo has often been criticised for prioritising the company’s internal developers, over-relying on historic franchises and lack of support for third party developers.

In apps and tech | 06 Mar 2017
Vulkan graphics API is now supported on Intel chips

Vulcan has been received well by developers seeking a cross-platform solution to optimise the performance of their software.

In iot and tech | 06 Mar 2017
Stop the wastage of cloud!

Cloud waste occurs when organizations spend money on cloud services they are not actually using.

In cloud and iot | 06 Mar 2017
Oracle chats about the new data integrator cloud service

Oracle unveiled Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service, Oracle’s new data integration cloud service aimed at simplifying and accelerating cross-enterprise data integration

In analytics and cloud | 05 Mar 2017