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YouTube shows off VR-centric video analytics

Today, YouTube announced that it’s bringing heat map analytics to the service so that 360-degree video producers can see where their viewers are paying attention at any given time.

In iOS | 17 Jun 2017
Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant is finally coming to the U.S. — but only as a preview

After a big false start during the Galaxy S8’s launch, Bixby Voice is finally making its stateside debut.

In android | 17 Jun 2017
Google releases new TensorFlow Object Detection API

Google is releasing a new TensorFlow object detection API to make it easier for developers and researchers to identify objects within images. Google is trying to offer the best of simplicity and performance — the models being released today have performed well in benchmarking and have become regularly used in research.

In android and apps | 17 Jun 2017
Amazon won’t replace Whole Foods cashiers with computers… yet

Amazon is buying Whole Foods.It says there aren’t any layoffs planned.

In misc | 17 Jun 2017
Atari CEO confirms the company is working on a new game console

Atari CEO Fred Chesnais told GamesBeat in an exclusive interview that his fabled video game company is working on a new game console.

In archive | 17 Jun 2017
Power BI, Microsoft’s Business Intelligence set of tools, is getting smarter

In July 2016, Microsoft introduced Power BI, a tool that enabled the users to perform self-service data analysis

In analytics | 17 Jun 2017
Chrome Bug Allows Sites to Record Audio and Video Without a Visual Indicator

Ran Bar-Zik, a web developer at AOL, has discovered and reported a bug in Google Chrome that allows websites to record audio and video without showing a visual indicator.

In apps | 15 Jun 2017
iOS 11 lets you play FLAC audio files straight from your iPad and iPhone

Apple announced the latest reiteration of its mobile operating system and while regular consumers will have to wait until autumn to try out the new iOS 11 on their iPhone and iPad devices, developers are already taking advantage of their early access to the beta version.

In iOS | 15 Jun 2017
AWS’ high-security GovCloud heads to the Eastern U.S.

Amazon Web Services is spinning up its second set of data centers for government customers in the United States, this time in the Eastern U.S.

In cloud | 15 Jun 2017
Box now lets enterprise users stream files to the desktop

Box customers can now try out a feature that lets them stream files from the cloud to their computers.

In cloud | 15 Jun 2017
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