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Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is launching a news website that will be taking on fake news

Jimmy Wales is launching a news platform that will bring journalists together with an army of volunteer fact checkers. He’s calling the site “Wikitribune.”

In archive | 28 Apr 2017
Webroot deletes Windows files and causes serious problems for users

The company’s antivirus product erroneously flagged files in a Windows folder as malicious

In apps | 28 Apr 2017
Google tweaks search algorithms to fight fake news and ‘offensive’ content

The fight against fake news continues, with Google announcing not only changes to search algorithms to help prevent false information from rising to the surface, but also new tools to allow users to report “unexpected, inaccurate or offensive” results.

In analytics | 28 Apr 2017
Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of All the Spam in Google Analytics

The spam in Google Analytics has become a headache for many users that rely on it to track the performance of their sites.

In analytics | 28 Apr 2017
5 Free Instagram Analytics Tools for Marketers

The right Instagram tools can provide analytics to inform your social media strategy and content scheduling.

In analytics | 28 Apr 2017
Hackers exploited Word flaw for months while Microsoft investigated

Another security firm, McAfee, saw some attacks using the Microsoft Word flaw on April 6.

In analytics and misc | 28 Apr 2017
Amazon’s camera-equipped Echo Look raises new questions about smart home privacy

Amazon’s responses to questions about the new device are a bit of a mixed bag, and due diligence should be employed by users with privacy concerns.

In apps and cloud | 27 Apr 2017
BitTorrent Inventor Bram Cohen Will Start His Own Cryptocurrency

By focusing on a storage based solution, BitTorrent’s inventor also hopes to address other Bitcoin flaws, such as the 51% attack.

In archive | 27 Apr 2017
Google Trips travels farther into Features Land

The travel logistics app, which pulls from your Gmail inbox to help organize your vacay, adds a few more bells and whistles.

In apps | 27 Apr 2017
Google is seeing more requests for user data worldwide, but it’s responding to fewer

Note: The company also has more users than before.

In analytics | 27 Apr 2017
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