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Blizzard and DeepMind turn StarCraft II into an AI research lab

Starcraft II has been a target for Alphabet’s DeepMind AI research for a while now – the UK AI company took on Blizzard’s sci-fi strategy game starting last year, and announced plans to create an open AI research environment based on the game to make it possible for others to contribute to the effort of creating a virtual agent who can best the top human StarCraft players in the world.

In analytics | 11 Aug 2017
BrickerBot Dev Claims Cyber-Attack That Affected Over 60,000 Indian Modems

The author of the BrickerBot malware has claimed a cyber-attack that took place in various Indian states and has caused over 60,000 modems and routers to lose Internet connectivity.

In cloud and iot | 11 Aug 2017
iOS 11 developer tips to maximize your opportunities

One decade after the launch of the first iPhone, Apple is set to introduce the latest iOS. Deemed by the tech behemoth as the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, iOS 11, still in public beta test, is packed with capabilities designed to help developers create cohesive and immersive user experiences.

In iOS | 10 Aug 2017
Kendo UI Builder v2 is now compatable with Electron Shell framework

Progress has announced the latest version of Progress Kendo UI Builder, a responsive web UI toolkit for rapidly delivering beautiful and intuitive web experiences.

In analytics | 10 Aug 2017

NodeSource, the Node.js company, has announced that its flagship product N|Solid will integrate with AppDynamics, an application intelligence product.

In analytics | 10 Aug 2017
NoSQL databases can now use Hackolade’s CLI

With GDPR quickly approaching, Hackolade has announced its Command Line Interface (CLI) to help companies with the pending GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulatory compliance (scheduled for May 25, 2018), along with overall corporate data governance needs.

In open web | 10 Aug 2017
Vungle SDK to be released on the Amazon Fire tablet

Vungle, a marketing platform for in-app video ads, has announced the upcoming release of a software developer kit (SDK) for Amazon’s popular Fire tablets.

In archive | 10 Aug 2017
Microsoft dumps notorious Chinese secure certificate vendor

Microsoft has joined Apple, Google, and Mozilla in disabling security certificates from Chinese company WoSign and its StartCom subsidiary.

In analytics and misc | 09 Aug 2017
Facebook bans ‘cloaking’ of spam sites that fool filters

“Cloaking” sounds sci-fi, but it’s actually a trick used today by spammers to show content moderators or search engine spiders an innocent-looking version of their site while real visitors just see ads and scams.

In archive | 09 Aug 2017
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