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Fighting Neo-Nazis and the Future of Free Expression

In the wake of Charlottesville, both GoDaddy and Google have refused to manage the domain registration for the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website that, in the words of the Southern Poverty Law Center, is “dedicated to spreading anti-Semitism, neo-Nazism, and white nationalism.”

In etc | 18 Aug 2017
Box taps Google Cloud Vision for image management

The integration is one of Box’s first moves to bring machine learning capabilities to its cloud content management platform.

In analytics and apps | 18 Aug 2017
Bitcoin: Blockchain and Bitstamp Add Ethereum

Ethereum, a cryptocurrency network and rival to Bitcoin, continues to gain steam in the virtual money world.

In archive and misc | 18 Aug 2017
Joining Apple, Amazon’s China Cloud Service Bows to Censors

Days after Apple yanked anti-censorship tools off its app store in China, another major American technology company is moving to implement the country’s tough restrictions on online content.

In cloud and iOS | 16 Aug 2017
iOS 10 VoIP background mode no longer supported?

Legacy VoIP background mode is deprecated and no longer supported

In iOS | 16 Aug 2017
Apple’s Adoption Of HEVC Will Drive A Massive Increase In Encoding Costs Requiring Cloud Hardware Acceleration

For the last 10 years, H.264/AVC has been the dominant video codec used for streaming but with Apple adopting H.265/HEVC in iOS 11 and Google heavily supporting VP9 in Android, a change is on the horizon.

In iOS | 16 Aug 2017
Microsoft ordered to let third parties scrape LinkedIn data

A judge has ruled that Microsoft’s LinkedIn network must allow a third-party company to scrape data publicly posted by LinkedIn users.

In apps and archive | 15 Aug 2017
Razer’s new Atheris wireless mouse gets 350 hours of battery life

Based on proprietary “Adaptive Frequency Technology” to keep a strong, consistent wireless connection.

In tech | 15 Aug 2017
Google Allo for web finally arrives, but only for Android users

It can decide whether you’re more of a ‘haha’ person or a ‘lol’ person

In android | 15 Aug 2017
OpenAI’s bot beats top Dota 2 player so badly that he quits

An artificial intelligence has beaten one of the world’s top Dota 2 players in single combat today.

In analytics | 14 Aug 2017
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