Michael Kors taps your Instagram feed to beautify your smartwatch
The My Social app offers another way to design custom watch faces....
By in archive | April 26th, 2017
Windows, Office, to get synchronized twice yearly releases
New policy officially formalizes the previously informal intentions....
By in archive | April 26th, 2017
Scientists creates energy-efficient computer memory
To make it even more revolutionary, the technology is also a lot greener....
By in archive | April 21st, 2017
These Popular Headphones Spy on Users, Lawsuit Says
The complaint, which you can read for yourself here, also accuses Bose of unjust enrichment and "intrusion upon seclusion." It also see...
By in archivesingleiot | April 20th, 2017
Chrome 58 arrives with IndexedDB 2.0 and improvements to iframe navigation
Google releases a new version of its browser every six weeks or so. Chrome 59 will arrive by end of June....
By in archive | April 20th, 2017
Baidu announces new open platform to help speed up the development of self-driving cars
Project Apollo aims to offer fully autonomous driving by 2020...
By in archive | April 19th, 2017
IPv6 attacks bypass network intrusion detection systems
New protocol enables invisible data exfiltration....
By in archive | April 17th, 2017
Ford’s First Hybrid Cop Car Is One Mean, Green Machine
Ford’s police vehicle engineering team added a heavy duty suspension, extra cooling, and ditched fancy alloys for basic wheels and h...
By in archive | April 13th, 2017
WikiLeaks Docs Reveal How The CIA Targets Windows Users
WikiLeaks published new documents from what it calls the Vault 7 trove describing how the CIA targets Windows users....
By in archive | April 13th, 2017
Digital transformation will create jobs not kill them
Significant majorities of IT leaders believe investment in digital transformation plays a fundamental role....
By in archive | April 9th, 2017
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