VidAngel Launches New Platform Amid Studio Legal Battle

VidAngel Launches New Platform Amid Studio Legal Battle

June 18th, 2017
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VidAngel isn't backing down after a court ordered it to shutter its

family-friendly filtering services - instead, the company has revamped its

operations to circumvent issues raised in its legal fight with three major

Hollywood studios.


Its new $7.99 per month service piggybacks on users’ streaming accounts. Customers log into the VidAngel app, link it to their other accounts and then filter out the language, nudity and violence in that content to their heart’s desire.

Before an official launch event Tuesday evening in Provo, Utah, VidAngel CEO Neal Harmon told The Hollywood Reporter that, while he maintains what they had been doing was legal, the company’s new service aims to address concerns about streaming release windows and licensing fees.

The old system drew the ire of Disney, Warner Bros. and Fox, which alleged it was essentially an unlicensed streaming service. Users would pay $20 for a film, filter a digital copy, watch it and then sell it back for a $19 credit, essentially having paid $1 to view a version of the movie that’s been cleaned up to their tastes


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