The state of application development

The state of application development

March 18th, 2017
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Market demand for app development is set to soar in the next five years,

but IT's capacity to deliver them will fall short


Without a doubt, digital transformation is the single most critical issue facing organisations today. Disrupting industries, transforming businesses and creating new competitive differentiation.

Below are the seven key findings that will impact every IT professional from the CTO to front line developers:

1)Huge backlogs slow productivity
As suspected, well over half of IT professionals (62%) surveyed reported having a backlog of mobile apps, some with more than 10 apps waiting to be developed. Interestingly, it was the IT professionals in the tech and financial services industries that were most likely to report having a backlog.
2)The skills gap is hampering growth
Since app developers with highly sought after skills can be difficult to find and expensive to hire, most organisations don’t actually have all of the skills that they need in house.

3)Development times are excessively long
Not surprisingly, this is leading to considerable dissatisfaction, with nearly half (44%) of respondents saying that they’re not happy with the current velocity of their application development team.

4)Barriers to success are overwhelming
Time and budget constraints were the biggest cited, followed by a gap in skills, an onslaught of competing priorities and a shortage of mobile developers.

5)Mobility requirements are soaring
Mobility was the most common business requirement for apps, up from sixth place in our 2015 survey.In addition, 88% of respondents noted that it was either a requirement or very important to incorporate mobile functionality into their current and future applications.

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