Rainforest QA taps AI to augment human-powered app testing

Rainforest QA taps AI to augment human-powered app testing

June 15th, 2017
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One of the challenges in creating mobile apps is that it’s necessary to

test how they perform in a variety of conditions in order to ensure that

updates and feature additions actually work as intended.


Rainforest QA has an army of 60,000 humans that help run through tasks developers want to test. That’s not necessarily unique in the mobile app testing space, but what is noteworthy is that the company also uses machine learning to help augment the testers’ efforts.

It’s a move that illustrates one of the key tenets of our AI-laden present: Humans and machines are often best when augmenting one another’s capabilities. Some situations require a human hand, while machine learning can help provide insights to improve products in ways that would be difficult for humans to manage.

One Rainforest QA system is used to determine how well testers perform based on their speed, accuracy, and consistency. The company then uses that information to programmatically determine the difficulty of tasks testers should be assigned. Testers with the highest reputation can even be assigned tasks to help train the machine learning systems.

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