The next version of uTorrent will run in your browser
And it might finally get video streaming right, too....
IN apps | April 26th, 2017
Pinterest fixes its broken visual search tool for Chrome
It's now better at finding interesting objects in photos....
IN apps | April 26th, 2017
Amazon opens up Alexa voice and text tech for developers to make new chatbots
New "Lex" platform makes Alexa's intelligence available to all....
IN apps | April 26th, 2017
Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with Revert VM for Hyper-V
If you have a Surface 3 and an SD card has been placed in it, you won’t be able to upgrade to new builds. Drivers that will fix this ...
IN apps | April 20th, 2017
Facebook launches augmented reality Camera Effects developer platform
By opening this developer platform, Facebook doesn’t have to build everything by itself. ...
IN apps | April 19th, 2017
Google Earth gets a new home on the Web, fancy “guided tour” section
Google Earth's "Voyager" section can whisk you away to Earth's most interesting places. ...
IN apps | April 19th, 2017
Facebook highlights its fight against “Fake News” in print
The 10 tips are basic news literacy, but Facebook wants the world to know...
IN apps | April 19th, 2017
Facebook’s AI assistant is ready to hang out in Messenger
You'll start seeing M suggestions in your messages....
IN apps | April 9th, 2017
Google says its AI chips outperform CPUs, GPUs in performance tests
The TPUs are faster at neural net inference, and excel at performance per watt...
IN apps | April 7th, 2017
Facebook makes it easier to find groups that brands care about
The social network tells it's testing new features that let brands call attention to specific groups, or just link Pages and groups....
IN apps | April 7th, 2017
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