Pinterest promoted app pins now suported by Bidalgo
Bidalgo, a provider of ad automation software and services for app marketers, has announced the public availability of ad automation fo...
By in analytics | April 9th, 2017
Gigabyte Firmware Flaws Allow the Installation of UEFI Ransomware
Cylance researchers said they've identified these flaws at the start of the year, and have worked with Gigabyte, American Megatrends In...
By in analytics | April 9th, 2017
Real-Time Data Visualization Taking Hold in the Enterprise
Gartner claims that by 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their significant others. A startling ...
By in analytics | March 27th, 2017
Amazon is working on VR and augmented reality-equipped homewares stores
Augmented reality and virtual reality are still in their infancy in terms of non-gaming applications, but a new tip hints that Amazon m...
By in analytics | March 27th, 2017
Google is acquiring Kaggle, the largest community of data scientists
Data scientists and machine learning engineers altogether called ‘Kagglers’ demonstrate their skills to solve the toughest problems...
By in analytics | March 27th, 2017
RiskSpan launches data and analytics API on IBM Bluemix platform
RiskSpan has launched new data and analytics API on the IBM Bluemix platform to cater to financial and banking sector...
By in analytics | March 26th, 2017
Twitter might build a paid subscription service for power users
Twitter is considering offering a paid subscription to power users, including brands and news organizations...
By in analytics | March 25th, 2017
Google Team Refines GPU Powered Neural Machine Translation
Despite the fact that Google has developed its own custom machine learning chips, the company is well-known as a user of GPUs internall...
By in analytics | March 24th, 2017
Foursquare is launching an analytics platform to help retailers understand foot traffic
While Foursquare started as a social check-in app, the company has always said there is a bigger picture — mainly related to unique w...
By in analytics | March 22nd, 2017
Google Launches ‘Protect Your Election’ Kit Ahead of French Vote
The arrival of the toolkit, known as "Protect Your Election," comes as France prepares to go to the polls next month....
By in analytics | March 22nd, 2017
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