New integration delivers improved security analytics for mainframe users

New integration delivers improved security analytics for mainframe users

By | June 2nd, 2017
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Many enterprises still rely on logs and data from a range of different

security products to get a picture of user behavior, particularly where

legacy mainframe systems are involved.


A collaboration between data analytics company Syncsort and application audit specialist Compuware is aimed at improving an organization’s ability to detect threats against critical mainframe data, correlate them with related information and events and satisfy compliance requirements.

Compuware’s Application Audit captures start-to-finish user session activity data in real time — including all successful logins, session keyboard commands and menu selections, specific data browsed, and more. Syncsort Ironstream users can then receive the Application Audit data and use Ironstream to store, transport, format and correlate the data before sending it on for further analysis.

“Many customers with mainframes, particularly large organizations, recognize that the cost of conducting an audit, or even worse, failing a compliance mandate, far exceeds the cost of the technologies that can be put into place to help address security and compliance initiatives,” says David Hodgson, chief product officer at Syncsort.

Compuware has also announced the integration of its Compuware Abend-AID application fault discovery and analysis solution with Syncsort Ironstream, capturing and forwarding mainframe operational data to analytic tools such as the Splunk platform.


Nisheeth Bhakuni

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