Google tweaks search algorithms to fight fake news and ‘offensive’ content

Google tweaks search algorithms to fight fake news and ‘offensive’ content

By | April 28th, 2017
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The fight against fake news continues, with Google announcing not only

changes to search algorithms to help prevent false information from rising

to the surface, but also new tools to allow users to report "unexpected,

inaccurate or offensive" results.


While the algorithm tweaks should impact on general search results, the reporting tools have been designed for Google’s Autocomplete predictions and Featured Snippets which have been problematic in recent months.

Updated algorithms should help to ensure more authoritative pages receive greater prominence, while low-quality content is demoted.

Vice president of engineering at Google Search, Ben Gomes, admits that people have been trying to “game” the system — working against the spirit of the purpose of algorithms — to push poor-quality content and fake news higher up search results.

Google’s Automcomplete and Feature Snippets have both caused controversy recently for surfacing content that has not only been inaccurate, but has upset people.

Google clearly wants to minimize the distress it causes its users, hence the introduction of a new feedback feature. Any reports that are received will be used to improve algorithms further down the line.


Nisheeth Bhakuni

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