How Payment Banks Can Leverage Analytics
The banking industry in India today, though developed, faces the challenge of connecting with its customers....
By in analytics | December 24th, 2015
Can Bots Take Over Enterprise Analytics?
Two big bottlenecks for enterprise analytics are compute costs and time required. The way forward may be to look at a completely differ...
By in analytics | December 17th, 2015
How Can Customer Analytics Help Boost Sales?
Customer analytics denotes the processes and technologies that unlock insights hidden in customer data. Insights help businesses engage...
By in analytics | June 17th, 2015
‘We Use Machine Learning Algorithms To Save Millions Of Dollars’
Navin Manaswi, a data scientist and a big data specialist with General Mills --a U.S.-based food company, shares insights on how they l...
By in analytics | April 30th, 2015
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